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There is little to compare with the vista and fragrance of an English wood in late April and May than the sight of our beautiful native bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) in full bloom and now is the time when one of the UK’s favourite flower begins to appear across the UK. However, people often get their […]

February in the Garden

In many regions of the UK February has been a cruel month, with plenty of snow and plummeting temperatures. Here, in my area we’ve been fortunate in that it is very rare we have snow, the last significant amount being over 10 years ago. But we did not escape heavy frosts. Walks around the garden […]

The Garden in January

January can be a depressing month when you look out of the window and observe sad ragged plants and leaves, dead brown stems and all that bare soil. On mild days it’s tempting to get out there and start clearing and tidying the beds up but that would be a shame to do it too […]

A Christmas Cactus…Or is it?

I’ve lost count of the times people have said to me:“My Christmas Cactus is flowering early this year.”“My Christmas Cactus is flowering late, it should have been in flower over Christmas!”“Can anyone tell me why my Easter Cactus is in flower in November? What am I doing wrong?”Indeed, I said similar only a few weeks […]


(Botanical name: Alstroemeria. A tuberous hardy perennial originating from South America) (Common name: Peruvian lily.) It’s only in recent years we’ve come across Alstroemerias. I’d seen them as artificial flowers, always thinking they were a made-up plant, until the day my husband brought me home a fresh bouquet of them. They were in tight bud […]


Summer has sadly slipped into autumn and hit us hard here in the West Country with a rain and a cold, cold wind after several days of glorious sunshine when we enjoyed lunch and tea outside on the patio.  Coffee indoors today. What a contrast! Autumn this year in the garden began to show several […]

Waving From Kit’s Garden

Today, I’m blogging directly from Kit’s Garden, having taken the bold step of separating my gardening skills from the rest of Kit Domino’s World, which is rapidly growing faster than my waistline. I hope you’ll enjoy future (and past) posts and photos of my little piece of heaven here in beautiful Gloucestershire. So, what is […]


Papaveraceae family I love all types for their varied colours and colour combinations, from pale pink (blue) through to red, red and black (often referred to as ladybirds), to purple, and yellow and orange of the Welsh variety. I also like the varied leaf shapes, either lobed, dissected or toothed from glaucous green/grey and flat, […]

I’m Back With Orchids

It’s been a while since I last posted, September 2019 in fact. It’s been a difficult time since then for many health and family reasons and launching a new novel and all that it entailed was bad timing, but we do not have the benefit of hindsight. I will come back to White Stones next […]

Late Autumn in the Garden

And in blows November. Chilly winds, dark mornings, dark earlier of an evening. And frosts. Here in my little part of the UK we’ve had several hard frosts. The garden survived the first few, but succumbed to the last one. The worst hit was the dahlias. They are shrivelled, flowers and bud squidgy and bedraggled […]


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