Welcome To Kit’s Garden

Welcome to my garden deep in the heart of South Gloucestershire, UK.

Do feel free to take a look around. Over the coming months I will include more and more of our lovely plants, discussing how we garden and what we grow, tips and growing hints and also a guide to plant names and identification. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Latest from the Blog

February in the Garden

In many regions of the UK February has been a cruel month, with plenty of snow and plummeting temperatures. Here, in my area we’ve been fortunate in that it is very rare we have snow, the last significant amount being over 10 years ago. But we did not escape heavy frosts. Walks around the garden […]

The Garden in January

January can be a depressing month when you look out of the window and observe sad ragged plants and leaves, dead brown stems and all that bare soil. On mild days it’s tempting to get out there and start clearing and tidying the beds up but that would be a shame to do it too […]

A Christmas Cactus…Or is it?

I’ve lost count of the times people have said to me:“My Christmas Cactus is flowering early this year.”“My Christmas Cactus is flowering late, it should have been in flower over Christmas!”“Can anyone tell me why my Easter Cactus is in flower in November? What am I doing wrong?”Indeed, I said similar only a few weeks […]

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